Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fiskars Paper Cutter

Hi Everyone,

I got to use my A.C. Moore 50% off coupon today. :-) I broke down and got the Fiskars Paper Cutter that I have seen recommended on You Tube by a couple of people. This thing is really nice, it has a metal cord that run down were you cut to show you exactly the place it will cut. I has different card layouts on the base as well as it expands to 15 inches. It has rubber feet to keep it in place while using it. Best of all I got it for 15 bucks. Of course went back in and got the blade refills too (shhh don't tell). Here are some pictures of it. I think it is going to be 15 dollars well invested (I hope)

HINT: If you click on the picture then when it opens click again and it will enlarge even bigger.

Not sure if you can see the metal cord that goes down the cutting arm. Can you see the different card/paper sizes printed? I think I am going to love that. Not too much thinking LOL

This is kind of showing the extention arm that comes out.

Here is the link to Fisker that shows it a little better.
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