Saturday, April 27, 2013

Studio Redo

Hello Again,

I know if you follow my blog you are going to say didn't she just do this. Well yes and no. I moved my studio from our finished basement to a spare room we had on our second floor back in the fall. It really was only a part of a  move because I still had a lot of stuff in the basement studio. Over the past couple of months I have been trying to go through my stash of crafting items and weed out what just need to be chucked and what might come upstairs with me. 

Ok, it has always been in the back of my mind that I wish I could see some of this stuff and then someone else may get use out of it. Up until recently when my friend Kim told me about a couple of Facebook pages of people like me having lots of stuff to want to find good homes for as well as many will to provide that good home I just didn't know how I was going to do this. OK, a month as just about gone by and I have been really selling a lot of stuff on the Facebook sites.  So I move a couple of old pieces of furniture that just were not functional for the storage I needed. Can you smell a shopping trip? LOL

 Yes, after some back and forth about what I wanted to get I have found what I needed and wanted. Below are picture of the new furniture and my now cleanup and organized studio. And yes I still have tons to still sell but it is not in my room with me now. 

This shot is a little dark but this is my room as you enter it. Straight ahead are two new pieces I purchased. I have also rearranged the placement of my desk. I never would have thought it would have made this big of a difference but I feel like the room is now even bigger. 

This is a shot of my desk with my computer credenza behind it. It is were my Cameo is located. 

And the tall cabinet to match the other pieces is new as well. 

My closet got a much needed make over or de-clutter to be more on the money. :-)

I have everything within a good reaching distance and a nice about it is all of light in the closet so I can see the colors of the inks and papers. 

This is another angle of the closet and yes there is an empty shelf and no Colleen I am not filling it up with new goodies. I am going to go on that old saying buy something new get rid of something old. I see if that works LOL

Here is my new large cabinet with lots of stuff in there. And I still have room for some more things. 
This cabinet is really great at how it has storage on the door. It fit my Copic refill storage beautifully among other things.

Now this new cabinet is the new home of my papers and paper pads. I cleaned a bunch of paper pads out and will be selling them as well. I had way too much stuff. LOL

And this one is holding all of my unmounted stamps and this will get a few more boxes in there when I get around to unmounted the wood mounted stamps that I want to keep or didn't sell. But putting them in the CD/DVD cases really work well and take up so much less room. 

As you can see I really did redo a good bit. There was times yesterday that I didn't think I would ever find my floor again but it all came together and I really think it is going to work out very well for myself and my creativity. So getting my room in better shape and selling a lot of stuff CHECK, Opening Etsy store CHECK
Hummm what next. LOL

Now back to creating again.

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my new and improved studio. Have a great weekend. 


Penny said...

Wow! I am envious, both of the beauty and of the organization! :^)
Hugs, Penny

Darlene Lyons said...

That is awesome! Worth every minute of your time! You have inspired me to get mine cleaned up!!

Purple Card Lady said...

Okay Jo, I am jealous and inspired all at the same time. I love the colors and how you have it all layout. TFS! :-)

Carla S. said...

It looks awesome, Jo! I am very envious of your organization and ability to part with unneeded/unused stuff! I should do the same!

Linda Palmer said...

I love your room. It is so pretty and you have lots of room. Great job with the organizing.

Payne Holler Cards said...

You are inspiring me to get moving! Really love seeing your new area with your organization ....beautiful new cabinets!
I'm sure crafting is even more enjoyable now (-:

Colleen Holmes said...

LMBO glad your getting everything so well organized!