Friday, April 22, 2011

Best Friend Blogger Award

Happy Friday,

I guess I should say Happy Good Friday.

A few days ago I was given the Best Friend Blogger Award by Pat St. Martin. Her blog is She has some terrific stuff on her blog. She has recently put up a really good tutorial on how to make a card that holds a little pocket pouch of tissues. She has many other thing up on her blog to be inspired by. When you have some time please stop by and check her blog out.

I have to tell you that I feel so privileged to have come across so many wonderful bloggers since I have traveled into the blogworld. I can't believe how time has flown by since I started my blog. It was just a year on the April 16th that I took the plunge and started the blog. Since then I have have "meet" so many wonderful people. I am very thankful for all the followers that I have and the comments I receive. It really does gives you that little extra something to keep creating and coming up with new ideas. Recently I tried my hand at video tutorials with my Hot Glue Gun ideas. Thank you everyone who watched. I have another "glue gun" idea for another video and hope to have that made and up very soon.

I have a couple of people that I would also like to present this award to as well.

The first is a wonderful lady that I have known for some time now. She is also a Stampin Up Demonstrator. Her name is Jeri Cyr and her blog is She has been stamping longer than I have and that's a good while because I have been stamping since 1994.

Also to Diane her blog is She is out of the UK and her blog is full of inspiration. She does some beautiful work with Magnolia stamps.

Pat thank you again for thinking of me.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone.

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