Friday, April 8, 2011

Moonlit Night and Convention video

Happy Friday,

Hope everyone has nice plans for the weekend. Today I wanted to share something I learned at convention.

This is a card I have made based on a technique that I saw at the convention that I attended in Ocean City, Maryland on April 2. This was my first try at it and it came out pretty good. It is suppose to look like a windy, snowy moonlit night.

The stamps are made by Seaside Stampin Ink also the sponsors of the convention. You can see the stamps in my video I have made of all my purchases from convention. The video is below the card.

The cardstock is navy blue speckled you stamp and emboss the tree and fence with black embossing powder. Let the cool just a bit then take your Brilliance Pearlescent Blue Ice stamp pad a run it across the card. With a paper towel wipe over the embossed areas.

Take a drop of Brilliance Pearlescent Moonlight white that you put down on something that will not absorb it. Dip your finger ( yes you get a little messy) and then place the ink on your finger where you would like the moon to be. With a clean finger you swirl it around till it is bigger and almost looks as though there is a faded ring around the moon. Then using a small paint brush you will paint in moon shadows and snow on the tree and fence. It really is a pretty card in person. If you have any question regarding this technique please leave a comment and I will try and answer them. It is really easy and I think you could try different colors as well.

Under the video you will find a picture of the card that the stamp company was demoing.
Here is my video of purchases made at convention. This was the first time I have tried recording the audio separate from the video. It's not too bad.

These cards were done by the owner of Seaside Stampin Ink
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